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To access patient portal, please refer to our correspondence sent to you.


Frequently asked questions:

A: We use the Patient Portal to obtain key information such as your medical history and Covid-19 questionnaire digitally. This allows us to reduce paper handling in line with guidelines to reduce risk. PLEASE NOTE, YOUR REFERRAL WILL NOT PROCEED FURTHER WITHOUT COMPLETING ALL REQUESTED FORMS.

A: Please use the link we sent you via text message or click on the link above. Use your NAME (as it appears in the message) and DOB for login. You can use your smart phone or a computer. PLEASE NOTE, the first and last name you enter on the login screen must match the one on our record, e.g. how the name appears on SMS messages we send you.

A: First, check you are using the name as it appears on the SMS message we sent. You can tell us any corrections by email or TEXT us by replying the SMS we send.

A: Tell us your correct DOB, by email or TEXT us on 07786201815 (Text only).

A: You will find a scribble space below the consent form. Please use your finger to sign on your smart phone or a mouse/trackpad to sign on a computer. Once signed, please click save and wait for the page to automatically refresh.

A: Contact us ideally by email to request an emailed copy of the form or TEXT us on 07786201815 (Text only).

A: Occasionally, we will send your booking confirmation through the Patient Portal. It is important that you DO NOT use the signature function for these documents.

A: Please contact us by email or TEXT us on 07786201815 (Text only).

Give your name, DOB, and information about the problem you are experiencing.