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Dear Patients:

If you are attending an appointment at one of our practices, please read the following information carefully.

  • Your treatment will be performed with local anaesthetic. PLEASE NOTE: This service does not provide IV sedation or general anaesthetic; for this your dentist will need to refer you to the hospital.
  • Please download and complete the medical history form to bring with you.
  • If you take any medication please ensure you also bring your prescription with you; without the full list of your medication we will not be able to carry out the treatment.
  • We endeavour to see you promptly at the booked time, however, due to the nature of the treatments, there can be delays.
  • Please ensure you arrive on time as we cannot guarantee the surgeon will see you if you arrive late.
  • Missing your appointment means that valuable treatment time has been wasted. If more than one appointment is missed you will need to be referred again and re-join the waiting list. Please inform us if you cannot attend so we can offer the appointment to someone else.
  • If you need to cancel or reschedule you appointment, please use the link below or contact us directly.

Please use the links below for more information:

We look forward to seeing you.

Yours sincerely,

Visiting Specialist Services Ltd

Medical History Form

Patient Information PDF

Advice after extraction PDF

For further information and additional PDF downloads, please visit our Patient Information page.